9 Timeless Fashion Icons and Their Role in Style History

The fashion industry brings us new styles every season, but many of the classic trends would not happen without style icons. There are plenty of fads that tend to fade out over time.

From parachute pants to the little black dress, here are some of the timeless fashion icons and their role in style history.

1. Twiggy

The English model, actress, and singer was the first supermodel in the world as well as being the ultimate representative for the 60s icon. Her thin built and short hair with large eyes gave the great reference as Twiggy.

Along with the famous “twiggy” dresses, her photograph was also put into a time capsule that was sent into outer space.

2. Aubrey Hepburn

The stunning actress and known human rights activist captured the hearts of designers and fashion lovers all over the world. As a muse to many top fashion designers, Aubrey Hepburn stole the likes of Isaac Mizrahi, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Hubert de Givenchy.

Many also referred to her as unique, angelic, and calm. Her influential style and looks still continues to influence people.

3. Madonna

The famous pop songstress and model Madonna continues to capture the fashion and style effortlessly. Since the 80s, Madonna goes from one trend to the next and stirring up her personal style in between.

Madonna’s has still influenced the likes of many celebrities including Rihanna and Lady Gaga. With more diversity in style than anyone else, Madonna is still able to tailor her look with over twenty-five transformations.

4. Michael Jackson

The King of Pop music was also known as the biggest male fashion icon to this day. His popular fashion accessories such as the one white glove, red jacket, and military jackets are still copied around the world today. His love for embellished jackets and bold accessories took the stage. Famous stars such as Kanye West and Beyoncé were known to be highly influenced by Michael Jackson’s style.

5. Princess Diana

Despite the constant scrutiny from the media, the late Princess Diana was a glamorous fashion icon who was also credited for the revival of British fashion. Before her untimely death, she spent years as the face of Marks and Spencer.

6. James Dean

While the handsome actor died at the young age of 24, James Dean remains as a timeless fashion icon. With the rebel look and the smile that melts hearts, James Dean’s casual look became a fan favorite. His famous gray wool trousers and white tee took off in the world of fashion.

7. Bettie Page

Famously known for her lack of shyness in front of the camera, Bettie Page knew how to embrace her sex appeal and become the fashion symbol in the 50s with her jet black hair and blue eyes. As a pin-up model, she loved crazy photo shoots that embraced her bad-girl style. The page also become one of the first ever playmates of Playboy. However, she left the world of modeling when she became a born-again Christian.

Her trademark style revived during the 80s where her pin-up style helped sell products and began her reign as queen of pin-up.

8. Andy Warhol

Known for his famous Pop Artwork, Andy Warhol is also a fashion icon that has never failed to shock the crowd with his tattered suits and bright accessories to match. Not only did he use his style to influence both men and women, but also make the “factory girl” look famous.

The factory girl look had Smokey eye makeup with bright and large accessories, statement pieces, short hems and monochrome motifs. Since his reign, his work has continued to inspire designers all over the world.

9. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

As former First Lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy was an iconic fashion symbol that looked chic and effortless. As a fan of art, she embraced it through her choice of fashion. With high-end designers, she wore Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Coco Chanel. Many women took inspiration through her use of A-line dresses, pastel blouses, suits, and pillbox hats.

During the 70s, her style transitioned into trouser and short separates combined with large, oversized sunglasses. To this day, he is still an inspiration for many designers to base on their classic pieces.

With timeless fashion icons like these, tell us which ones are your favorite. Comment below and let us know!

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