Interested in fashion and want to write for Becoming Trendy?

We are on the search for fashion writers who are interested in sharing their tips and advice with our readers. Our mission is to provide our readers with the best insights in fashion trends for the next coming season.

If you are interested in writing for Becoming Trendy, please check our current topics to help you familiarize yourself with our style of writing.

At Becoming Trendy, we prefer that our aspiring writers send us their proposals and pitches first before continuing their work. Feel free to send us your outlines and rough draft to summarize the article and how it relates to our readers and website.

We will provide feedback upon your submission. It is important to understand that we only accept original content. We respect the art of writing. Therefore, we do not respond to articles that have already been published elsewhere.

Before you submit your idea, please consider these features to be included:

  • Content must have a clear argument and thesis
  • Content must be bold with an appeal for fashion
  • Content must be well-researched and written in taste
  • Content must support the argument given in the text
  • Content must be trendy and up to date with facts and appropriate resources

Our content ranges from all aspects of fashion from trends to street style. We publish features with a minimum of 1,000 words and articles about trends, fashion, etc. with a minimum of 300 words.